Viral Facebook Quizzes/Apps - Plugin for Wordpress


v 1.0.0

Getting Started

About Viraquiz

What's Viraquiz?

Viraquiz is a powerful Wordpress Plugin which helps you to create viral quizzes/apps with Facebook user profile picture and name. Viraquiz is the best way to start your own website with quizzes like "How cute or sexy are you?", "When will you have the first child?", "What does your heart want?" etc


You can install Viraquiz Plugin just like any other Wordpress plugin:

  • Download the plugin zip file from the store
  • Log in into your Wordpress admin section
  • Navigate to Plugins => Add new and click the Upload Plugin button.
  • From the main zip file extract the file that contains the plugin, upload it and click Install Now.
  • Activate plugin.
  • Done! Plugin is ready to use.

* Manual installation

  • Login in your FTP account
  • Go to your site directory
  • Go to wp-content/plugins/
  • Upload unzipped files from
  • Activate plugin
  • Done! Plugin is ready to use.

Activate your license code

When you buy the plugin from Elite-Code Marketplace, you receive a License Code for it.

So, in order to make plugin work, you must activate your license.

  • Go to your Wordpress site Admin area
  • Go to "Viraquiz" -> "General Settings"
  • Insert your license in the Lincense Code field
  • Save changes

Setup Facebook Application

In order to make the Plugin work, before starting creating quizzes, we need to create an Facebook application. Let's do that!

Creating an Facebook App

  • Go to ( If you don't have a developer account, create one)
  • Navigate to "My Apps" -> "Add a New App" and follow instructions on Facebook
  • Go to "Settings" and do steps in image below
  • Click on "+ Add Platform" button
  • Select "Website"
  • Insert your website url
  • Go to "Facebook Login" and scroll down to "Valid OAuth redirect URIs"
  • Insert here http://YOUR SITE URL/viraquiz-facebook-login/

Configure Plugin FB APP

  • Go to your Wordpress site Admin area
  • Go to "Viraquiz" in the left Admin menu
  • Go to "FB App Config"
  • Insert your Facebook App details here
  • Save Changes

If you followed correctly the steps above, your Facebook application is ready to be used by Viraquiz Plugin.

Now it's time to create our first quiz.

Let's do that!

Create a new Quiz

Set basic quiz information

  • Go to your Wordpress site Admin area
  • Go to "FB Quizzes" -> "Add new"
    1. Enter the quiz title
    2. Enter the quiz description (can be empty)
    3. Select Quiz Image (thumbnail)
      Important! If you are using previously uploaded images as quiz image, you need to regenerate thumbnails.
      This can de done with Regenerate Thumbnails Plugin
    4. Publish ( ! Before publish, it's recommended to set the quiz visibility to "Protected" in the "Publish" box until the quiz development will be finished, so the quiz will be visible only for admins. )
      Do not forget to set the visibility back to "Public" when the quiz development is finished.

Add quiz results

To add results to quiz, scroll down to "Quiz Results" Metabox, and start adding layers to result image

  1. Add User Profile Picture image
    Click on "Add user profile picture" button
    Drag and drop image on desired position and resize it if needed
    * Multiple profile pictures can be added
  2. Add images and change layers position
    To add a new image to result, click on "Add media button"
    The built in Wordpress Media Library will be opened. Upload / select desired image.
    To change layers position, click on "Layers" button. A sortable list of layers will be opened. Change layers position here.
    Info: Recommended size for background image is 880 x 462 pixels, or bigger but keeping aspect ratio.
  3. Add text
    To add a new text, click on "Add text" button
    Insert desired text
    • Change font size
    • Change text color
    • Change font family
    Following shortcodes can be used
    • [firstname] - retrieves user first name
    • [lastname] - retrieves user last name
    • [fullname] - retrieves user full name
  4. Creating round profile picture
    Create a transparent background image (.png) with round space for profile picture, and move the profile picture position under the background image.
  5. Save quiz result
    1. Select gender for which the result will be available ( default both )
    2. Click on "Save as result X" buttn ( where X represents the current result to save )
    Important! Results are saved with AJAX, so you don't need to update post after adding results
    Add minimum 2 results

Add Open Graph details

  1. Add Open Graph Quiz Title
  2. Add Open Graph Quiz Description
  3. Select Open Graph Quiz Image
  4. Text to display on shared page as description ( * Optional - can be empty )

After adding Open Graph details, scroll up to "Plublish" box and and click on "Update" button

Congrats! Your first quiz is ready!

Other Plugin Features


To translate plugin strings in your language, follow the steps:

  • Go to your Wordpress site Admin area
  • Go to "FB Quizzes" -> "Translation"
  • Insert desired text for each string
  • Click on "Save changes" button
By default, the language used by the plugin is English.
If a text input is empty, the default language will be used for respective text.

Add Advertisemets

  • Go to your Wordpress site Admin area
  • Go to "Appearance" -> "Widgets"
  • Drag and drop "Custom HTML" widget to one of 3 Viraquiz Ads Spaces:
    • Below Header
    • Below Quiz Content
    • Above Footer
  • Insert your Ad code
  • Click on "Save" button

Download Users List CSV

To dowload users list as csv, follow the steps:

  • Go to your Wordpress site Admin area
  • Go to "Quiz Users"
  • Click on "Export Users List as CSV" button

A CSV file will be downloaded. The file contains the users full name, email and facebook ID.

Thank you for purchasing Viraquiz plugin. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, or for any issue, please feel free to contact us via email Thanks so much!